Rocket into your renovation with a design that maximises your home’s true potential

Who’s It For?

Often when homeowners think of renovating, they’ll get a builder over. And often the builder can’t provide realistic advice on cost or possibilities until they have drawings

And sometimes as a homeowner, you’re not sure about signing yourself up to the lengthy process of working with a designer for the next 6 months or so. Or signing a builder’s contract to commence on your design work with them.

What’s also challenging is the myriad of options when you renovate. What you’ll change and what you’ll keep. Each of these choices will have an impact on cost and time, and what outcome you’ll achieve for your home.


So what is the best way to explore your options? And efficiently create a renovation design you can show to builders to test the feasibility of your project?

With over 10 years industry experience in helping clients renovating their own homes, plus doing a few renovations of my own with my hubby, my specific approach helps you do just this.The Reno Design is an intensive and comprehensive service that rockets you into a successful renovation project – knowing you’ll get it right, and simplify your journey overall.The Reno Rescue service ultimately creates a renovation design that gives confidence you can create a home that’s worth all the effort. One that will be a great home for you and your family to live in and loveIf you’re seeking to create a renovation design that suits you and your family, and helps you be strategic about how you spend your budget … I’d love to help you.For more about the process, what’s included and to see inside your Design Report,please contact us.

This for you if …

+ you want to see what’s possible for your home and budget – and whether your budget matches your needs

+ you want to have something concrete – actual drawings of a design that works – to move forward with a local designer, draftsperson or speak to builders for quoting, etc.

+ you don’t think you need an architect for the duration of your project, but appreciate that great design will make a big and unique difference to how your home works and feels

+ you have some drawings of your existing floor plan that can be used to create realistic design options (these could be drawings you have had done by another consultant, or created accurately yourself)